Bishkek Park Shopping and Entertainment Center (Second stage of construction)

Construction of monolithic frame, two 24-storey residential buildings, located on 52 Kerimbekov street at intersection with Kievskaia St. The object is located in the prestigious area of the city near the municipal governments, which corresponds to the favorable location of this area. Construction is carried out with erection of monolithic frame of the building. Roof installation was performed with filling of self-supporting walls and partitions. High quality of construction works with high-quality ecologically clean building materials. And also central heating, sewage, gasification will function. Digital telephone line. Automated modern elevators. Equipment with video intercom/cable TV/ soundproof metal windows, glazed balconies. Seismic resistance: 9 points on the Richter scale.

Customer: “Bishkek Park” LLC in 2013. General contractor “Meribell Textiles Insaat” LLC

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