About us

Construction company

“Meribell Textile Inshaat” LLC exists in Kyrzstan’s market from 2006. At present the sole founder of the Company is Tursunalieva Ainura Kenzhebekovna the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic. Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic has issued certificate of state Registration of a legal body under registration number 22846-3301-ООО, date of first registration: 10 February 2006.


The State Agency of Architecture and Construction under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has issuied a license series КРЦ-2 № 02066 for performing of isntallation and construction works and repair works, date of the first license 31 January 2008 according to which we have right to perform the folowing types of works:

  • Erection of load carrying and enclosing buildings and structures of 2nd importance level;
  • Assambling of metal constructions;
  • Installation of solid concrete and reinforced concrete construction;
  • Assembling of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Masonry, brickwork, blockwork;
  • Isnatallation of of wooden load carrying structures and woodkworks;
  • Work on installation of internal engineering systems, networks and constructions of 4th important level;
  • Internal electric power supply networks of 0,4-0,6 kv.
  • Internal water supply and sewer networks;
  • Internal systems of heat supply;
  • Automation of control instrumentation of 3rd importance level;
  • Work on protectino of constructions and equipment;
  • Water engineering of 4th importance level;
  • Exercising functions of general contractor of 2nd importance level.
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