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Coat development

During its long-term activity “Meribell” LLC was able to approve itself as responsible industrious and reliable partner.

Earth works include coat development, transportation of coat to earth fill. Having available all necessary specialized machinery our company economizes customers’ funds and cuts time required for work performing. Excavators are commonly used for excavation and loading of coat on dump truck. Coat development by bulldozer is relevant at road construction and leveling operation of coat. Bulldozers level coat and grade earth fill. Mechanical means are necessary during earth works that is why our equipment is always in excellent conditions and ready for work.

Development of trenches

The company possesses a long-term experience of earth works. During this time an experienced staff of competent skilled workers has formed and own mechanized resources appeared in the company. Trench development with account of modern technologies, constructions norms and rules, minimal terms and labor expenditures are possible only with the help of high capacity specialized machinery. Crawler excavators and rubber-tire mounted excavators with shovel and heavy-lift dump trucks are irreplaceable at excavation of trenches. Not any construction company may allow itself to maintain own park of specialized machinery that is why excavation of trenches by specialized machinery makes it possible to perform works within short terms using minimum costs.

Monolithic construction

Monolithic construction of houses is actively engaged in Kyrgyzstan during the last 10 years. Its application was restrained by two main factors: lack of qualitative equipment (concrete forms) and problems connected with concrete hardening in cold time of year. Qualitative concrete forms of foreign and Kyrgyz manufacture are widely represented in the market today.

Application of special additives allows to accelerate the process of concrete hardening and to reduce to a minimum use of water, and application of modern cement that at hydration evolve lots of heat allows hardening of concrete at temperature of -15 C and considerably widens terms of erection of monolithic buildings. Competently organized order of banking, assembling and concreting allows reduce material expenses and total value of monolithic construction, increase productivity of labour and tempo of construction.

Monolithic construction of houses has also the advantage that planning and dimensions of monolithic buildings are not restricted to sizes of reinforced concrete constructions that allows to create even curved forms that enlarges architectural possibilities and gives full swing to imagination of architects. Monolithic buildings are lighter than brick ones for 15-20% due to which the material consumption of the whole foundation, and therefore the cost of monolithic construction. All working cycle takes place on a construction site that excludes expenses on loading and unloading operations.

Construction of cottages

Construction of cottages – is in other words country construction, construction of individual house in urban or rural area with land plot till 0,15 ha. Cottage is traditional English dwelling that spread in European countries and in the USA. Today this term is used also in Kyrgyzstan for individual residential house. Not so much time ago in Kyrgyzstan one may say about cottage construction only as about standard house on the land plot of 6 hundred square meters. During the last decades of the past century the whole construction in general was executed on the basis of industrialization and typification of design options. Low-rise country construction of cottages (individual houses) was lead on the basis of projects developed by leading design organizations. To build a country house a great number of design options of are offered developed by state as well as by private companies.

Engineer works

Providing comfortable conditions for human living or work is an essential condition for normal operation of any modern building. Today a house or factory building cannot be imagined without competent arrangement and continuous up and running of engineering systems and service lines: heating system, water-supply system, sewage treatment systems, electric power lines and so on. We install required equipment for a certain type of construction or building applying the latest technologies and the most qualitative materials which guarantee safety and durability of operation of engineering communications and do not require permanent expensive care and maintenance.

Meribell Textiles Insaat” LLC provides services according to license:


1. Earth works of Ist importance level

2. Erection of load-bearing and enveloping structures and facilities, roofing of Ist importance level

01. Assembling of metal structures

02. Installation of monolith, concrete and reinforced concrete structures

03. Assembling of the precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures

04. Stone, brick and block masonry

05. Installation of the wooden load bearing structure and articles

3. Work on installation of internal and engineering systems, networks and constructions of IIIrd importance level

01. Transforming stations, power lines, electric power supply (10 kV);

02. Water supple and sewerage;

04. Heat supple networks;

5. Water engineering (small waterworks) of IVth importance level

6. Exercising general contractor functions of Ist importance level.

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